Samsung Applies for UK Crypto Wallet Trademark

2019/01/02/ 20:34

South Korea’s largest business conglomerate, Samsung, has reportedly applied for a UK trademark for a crypto wallet. The filing, which can be viewed here, comes a matter of weeks after Samsung denied that the upcoming Galaxy S10 phone would have a native cryptocurrency wallet preinstalled.

The filing reads, 

“Computer software for use as a cryptocurrency wallet; computer software for cryptocurrency transfer and payments using blockchain technology; computer application software for smartphones, namely, software to allow users to transfer cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology and pay via third party’s application software”.

At the moment, there is no clear idea of whether this means a U-turn on the S10, but Samsung is clearly backing crypto in 2019, as this application follows three separate blockchain applications within the EU. Dutch tech news outlet Galaxy Club has reported that the applications are for Blockchain Core, Blockchain KeyStore and Blockchain Key Box.

It would seem that the tech giant is aligning with strategies that have seen rivals release blockchain-focused phones in recent times. HTC, for example, has integrated a blockchain browser – Brave – on their Exodus 1 and dubbed it “the first native blockchain phone”. 

And as far back as April 2018, SIRIN Labs announced that it was going ahead with a blockchain smartphone, saying,

“SIRIN LABS is incredibly excited to announce that it has chosen FIH Mobile (Foxconn International Holding) to manufacture the FINNEY smartphone. With this development, we are taking a huge leap forward to bring the Go Crypto revolution to the mainstream.”

Having said that, a post from CopPay, which indicated that Samsung would be using its cryptocurrency services in three Baltic states, has since been deleted from Medium and the claims reversed. The company was forced to clarify their situation, stating

“CopPay provided its solution to the Baltic premium reseller of Samsung that sells mobile phones, tablets, TVs and other products under its brand. The reseller is a separate legal entity and was exited to add an additional payment method for its customers. The official agreement was signed. We activated CopPay Payment Gates in Samsung stores and trained personnel to show how it works, even a few transactions were made. In addition, we were preparing a mutual statement with representatives of Samsung PR division. 

Unfortunately, after Samsung officially announced that it doesn’t have any plans for the crypto and blockchain payments, the reseller decided to suspend cryptocurrency payment method. We have all evidence of the above information and can present the proof in court. We’ve never claimed that we entered into partnership with Samsung HQ. We announced about the possibility to buy Samsung products with cryptocurrencies in its Baltic stores.”

However, if Samsung does go ahead and integrate blockchain with its new phones, the likelihood is that payments and transfers will follow eventually. The official word is that the Galaxy S10 is due for release as early as February 2019, although this may not come to pass. But interested parties won’t have to wait beyond 2019 for the big reveal.

Article Source: DailyHODL
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