Italy Calls Experts Help For Its Blockchain Strategy

2018/12/28/ 20:16

Italy Calls Experts To Help In The Development Of Its Official Blockchain Strategy

The Italian government wants to expand the integration of the blockchain technology in the state organizations. To do it, the government has decided to call 30 high-level blockchain experts that will help to integrate the technology in the country’s institutions.

According to the official reports from the Italian government, the group will work for free during four months to advise people on how to create a “national strategy” for the blockchain. This group will be led by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

According to the minister of Economic Development, Luigi Di Maio, emerging technologies are important and they have the potential to change people’s lives a lot. According to him, techs like artificial intelligence and the blockchain can cause a revolution in people’s lives and this is why a productive country needs them.

Most of the participants are from domestic sectors of Italy and all of them are from the country. Some of the most important ones are Gian Luca Comandini, the Assobit co-founder, and Angiolini Giorgio, the Italtel head of marketing. Another prominent member is Marcella Atzori, director of the Blockchain & Society Policy Research Lab.

Monaco Marco, leader of the blockchain competence center at PWC Italy, Vitale Marco, president of blockchain firm Quadrans Foundation and Pimpinella Martino Maurizio, president of the Italian Association of Paying Services Providers are also important names that have decided to be a part of the project.

Together, the group will monitor all the blockchain activity in the country and also to investigative how to use the technology, as well as to curb the illegal actors.

With the help from the experts, the main expectative of the government is that the main issues of the technology can be properly addressed and that more use cases will be identified so the Italian government will be able to provide the best use of the technology for its citizens.

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