Ripple and XRP have been on a roll in 2018; academic, commercial adoption and more

2018/12/23/ 09:00

Ripple, the leading blockchain fintech firm at the moment and the parent company of the second largest digital asset, XRP has posted a series of breakthroughs that it made in 2018. The series covered everything from the reach of its products under RippleNet to its success in the domain of academics, adoption and policy clarity.

In the first week of October, one of the main products of Ripple, xRapid, which was created with the intention of solving the problem of liquidity in the field of cross-border remittance, saw commercial adoption. Three of the main players in the industry, namely, MercuryFX, Cuallix and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union chose xRapid as a financial solution. 

Another breakthrough mentioned by Ripple was the customer impact that it spread worldwide. According to the company, client experience saw much improvement as the transaction fee of XRP dropped from $20 to $2 across 2018.

On the academic front, Ripple launched an initiative known as University Blockchain Research Initiative [UBRI]. Here, a total of 30 big and reputed academic institutions took part in the joint effort, wherein some of them are UC Berkeley, Princeton University, Korea University, McCombs School of Business, UCL, University of Waterloo, University of Oregon and many more.

Lastly, XRP also saw much adoption in payment systems as well as exchanges. Companies like Santander’s One Pay FX, Coil, XRP Tip Bot used the digital asset to bring a mainstream approach to utilizing it in day-to-day life.

StuartXRP, a Twitter user and an XRP fan and follower on one of the breakthroughs commented: “Congratulations everyone at Ripple on your well deserved success 2018 has been great, and I am certain 2019 will be even bigger keep up the good work.”

Greg, another member from the cryptocurrency space and a blockchain technology follower also wrote: “Looking forward to Ripple lighting up the new year with XRP”

Article Source: AMBCRYPTO
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