ETH-Based Startup Parity Has Just Launched A DIY Blockchain Tool

2018/12/20/ 20:07

ETH-Based Startup Parity Has Just Launched A DIY Blockchain Tool

Parity Technologies has launched a new tool today called Substrate. According to the official announcement, the tool will let users create their own customized blockchains for decentralized apps. Substrate is already available at the time of this report, but only in beta version so far.

The project, like the Ethereum network and everything that is launched by Parity, will be open source, not only that. The company is trying hard to create a software that can be as “generic” as possible. Why? Because it will help the developers to be more flexible while working with it to design their own blockchains.

Substrate also has an API for the users to create their own consensus mechanisms using the Parity technology. The product is fully integrated with the other products from the company like the Polkadot protocol and it is written using Rust and can be run on web browsers using JavaScript.

Gavid Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum and of Parity Technologies, has affirmed that the new technology was made with lessons learned from building Ethereum and Polkador and that this new product is the final result of everything that the developers have learned so far.

According to him, the features of this new product will make the lives of developers easier and they will have a complete package with everything that they need in order to “get the job done”.

The technology is licensed with the GNU General Public License (GPLv3) at the moment. However, it was affirmed by Wood that the team is planning to move to Apache 2.0. This, they believe, could give more freedom for the developers as the Apache 2.0 is way more permissive.
It is quite clear that one of the focus of the team is that everything is malleable so that the developers can have a good tool that will help them to create whatever they actually want to. 

The technology was first revealed back in October at the Web3 Summit, which was hosted in Berlin. Since then, the technology has evolved a lot and brought in a lot of results that will hopefully let the developers use their creativity to make great apps.

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