Crypto In-N-Out’s News Rundown

2018/12/12/ 13:22

Crypto In-N-Out’s News Rundown: Facebook Seeks Blockchain Experts, ICO Funding Dry Up, Samsung Filed Cryptocurrency Trademarks for its Galaxy Smartphones and Coinone Launches Ripple-Based Blockchain Remittance Service App.

1. Facebook Seeks Blockchain Experts

Facebook is currently hiring five Blockchain experts to explore areas of interest across all facets of blockchain technology; and to help people with access to things that they don’t currently have, such as equitable financial services, new ways to save, or new ways to share information. Other tech giants Amazon, IBM and Microsoft are also advertising for Blockchain specialists.

2. ICO Funding Dry Up

Initial coin offerings (ICO) used to be good for raising funds for crypto projects. However statistics show that the hype might be over – from over $2 billion was raised last year to around $300 million this year (till Nov2019). Reasons mainly due to public interest cool off, ICO scams and Countries banned (China and South Korea). 

3. Samsung Filed Cryptocurrency Trademarks for its Galaxy Smartphones

Smartphone giant Samsung has filed three cryptocurrency trademarks in EU: Blockchain KeyStore, Blockchain key box and Blockchain Core. All these trademarks relate to providing crypto custody services on smartphones - we can expect competitions will take place between Samsung’s Galaxy, HTC’s Exodus1 and Sirin Lab’s FINNEY. 

4. Coinone Launches Ripple-Based Blockchain Remittance Service App

South Korea crypto exchange Coinone introduces Ripple-based blockchain remittance App and web service – ‘Cross’. With Ripple’s xCurrent product and technology ‘Cross’ aims to provide unbanked or underbanked individuals faster and cheaper cross-border transactions in Thailand and Philippines.

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