Tron’s Justin Sun Creates “Proposal 7” To Support TRX Developers

2018/12/09/ 13:03

The way that the cryptocurrency market has been on the fast track down an unfortunate plummet has kept a lot of investors and users out of the market.

Some have sold off their assets in the process, which has made the dip in the market even more steel. In the Technical Analysis of the market, the majority of crypto assets are showing as being oversold, which reflects the pressure to cash out.

TRON has not been exempted from this bear attack on the industry, though CEO Justin Sun has been working to lead his own platform out of the fall. In a recent tweet, the TRON founder said:

“I have created Proposal 7 to increase our energy limit and support #TRON, developers. This proposal allows them to have lower fee and cost with better experience! Plz vote for Proposal 7!”

The proposal is expanded upon on the Tronscan website, which plans to “modify the total energy limit to 250 billion.” Sun has highlighted the importance of putting users first, and how his own network has easily exceeded the performance and efficiency of Ethereum’s network. 

However, the initiative by TRON is not impressing everyone. Several Twitter users even accused him of not caring about the users unless they are developers.

The Tron Foundation recently engaged in more participation with an existing partnership with BitGuild. BitGuild is a platform that offers blockchain gaming capabilities, and they recently made an annoucement on one of the BitGuild products. Bitizens said:

“Bitizens, and the world of Bitropolis is moving to a new home on the TRON network. To facilitate this transfer, we’ll be taking the portal and the Bitizens game offline for maintenance.”

Over the last week, Tron’s report has shown the platform’s ability to get things done.

Multiple gambling dApp games have been listed in the last week, amounting to 28 different dApps that are presently active on the TRON network.

Article Source: Bitcoinexchangeguide
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