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2018/12/09/ 18:35

Crypto In-N-Out’s News Rundown: SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF Ruling, Blockchain Energy Platform in Australia, Trezor Adds Native Ethereum Support, IBM Partners with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Ripple SVP Interested in the Mention of Ripple as a Use Case of Blockchain


1. SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF Ruling

A US based fully regulated Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) has been seen as the end of the tunnel for the recent bear market for all major cryptocurrencies.  However the American regulator recently had delayed the ETF ruling to Feb 2019.  Though there is no conclusive information like ‘not approving’ from the regulatory side which is a piece of positive enough news.


2. Blockchain Energy Platform in Australia

A coastal city in Australia, Fremantle’, has announced that they will allow some local residents to trade solar power on a block-chain based platform.  This platform is powered by the crypto startup PowerLedger, who focuses on the renewable energy.


3. Trezor Adds Native Ethereum Support

Crypto hardware wallet had been predicted to be one of the areas that will lead growth in the crypto market in near future.  Trezor, the crypto hardware wallet manufacturer, in an announcement on its blog, said that it will add native Ethereum support in its products.


4. IBM Partners with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

According to a press release by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, it has successfully gone into partnership with IBM to pilot a blockchain supply chain system.  The pilot project will ‘provide a single platform that tracks the quantities and financial values of each bilateral transaction” to simplify the transaction process.


5. Ripple SVP Interested in the Mention of Ripple as a Use Case of Blockchain

Kelvin Warten, who is an author and Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, mentioned Ripple and use cases of the blockchain in his new book, The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust. Asheesh Birla, the Senior Vice President of Product at Ripple posted a tweet today on 9 Dec stated that ‘Excited it’s come full circle: I took classes from @kwerb @wharton and now he’s part of @Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) community, looking at interesting use cases for blockchain!’.

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