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2018/12/05/ 22:40

Crypto In-N-Out’s Mid-Week News Rundown: Tron’s $100m Investment in Blockchain Gaming, Blockchain Let You Know What you Eat Exactly, Blockchain is Still a Hot Topic in the Europe, Overstock Invests in Agricultural Blockchain Firm

1. Tron’s $100m Investment in Blockchain Gaming

After launching the game Magic Academy in October this year, Tron announced at the end of November that it is planning to invest $100m over the next three years in its blockchain gaming fund, Tron Arcade. According to the announcement, ‘The main goal of the fund is to empower developers to create and execute on their ideas, to introduce new games and content into an autonomous ecosystem, and to build a strong community of content and entertainment.’

2. Blockchain Let You Know What you Eat Exactly

Terry Fisher, Chief Marketing Officer at speaks of the impact blockchain has on the hospitality sector. It is very basic that one of the most important applications of the blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency, can be used in the hospitality industry as the payment method. There are other applications in the industry as well. For example, the customer can get a complete historical record on the process of making the bottle of wine being purchased, from the growing of grapes to using the cork to seal the bottle. The technology helps customers to know exactly what they eat!

3. Blockchain is Still a Hot Topic in the Europe

On Tue this week, the southern European states, including France, Italy, Spin, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain, made a joint declaration to promote the adoption of blockchain with the aim to transform their economies. On the other hand, Ripple, NEM and two other blockchain companies have established a ‘Blockchain for Europe’ Association, as per their press release on Wed this week. The association aims to promote the understanding and proactive regulation of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies across the European continent.

4. Overstock Invests in Agricultural Blockchain Firm

Overstock’s blockchain venture arm, Medici Ventures, has purchased $25m worth of equity in the agricultural blockchain project GrainChain, as per its press release announced this Tue. GrainChain states that their system provides a platform, which can be used by small and medium sized agricultural businesses outside of their immediate geographic area so the middlemen will be cut out of the process.

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