What is “Equity Swap” at HONGBAO.ONE

2018/11/29/ 10:55

HONGBAO.ONE — The first global multiplayer online red envelopes game based on EOS blockchain. It combines the Chinese hongbao tradition and the derived grabbing game, first time introduced on the EOS blockchain, brings the brand new game mode and special excitement to all EOS users.

Only couple days after platform launched, the total transaction volume already broke 20 millions, players are over 5,000! We appreciate all your supports and acceptance!

RED token, as a token in game, issued by HONGBAO.ONE gaming platform. It can be mined by playing red envelopes game, also claimed by daily sign-in reward. RED token can be staked on platform for sharing the game dividends, as well as used to bid for the auction EOS reward pool. It will soon be listed on exchanges for trading!

Since most of our users are speak highly of our game design as well as RED token, and hope to hold more RED token, be part of the platform, we decided to release the “equity swap” at HONGBAO.ONE

So what does “Equity Swap” mean here actually?You can treat it as token sale! But, we make it much more special!

Total circulation of RED token is 10 billions, and this time we will take 150 millions(15%) for equity swap, the token sale. Swapped RED tokens will be able to enjoy the permanently dividends and other rights. Non-swapped part will be termless locked.

For thanking you to participate in the equity swap and become a RED token holder, we will take out 25% of swapped EOS as equity swap reward and staked RED token dividends! Now, let’s go through this special part!

First of all, where to enter the page of “Equity Swap” which opens tonight? It is on the right of the “Sign-in Reward” button on homepage!

Equity Swap Button on Homepage

Equity Swap Rule:

1. Each Super Hongbao contents 200–400 RED tokens.
2. Equity swap proceeds in rounds, each round 5000 EOS swap amount.
3. Each round counts down in 10 hours.
4. If all Super Hongbao swapped out before closing of the round, equity swap of the round successfully and enter next round.
5. 20% of swapped EOS in each round will go into equity swap reward pool. If Supper Hongbao not swapped out in a round, then players purchased in that round share the reward pool in proportion and equity swap ends.
6. If all Super Hongbao swapped out at a round, then the reward pool adds up into next round.
7. Each round there will be 5% swapped EOS goes into dividend pool, this pool belongs to all RED token holders and shared at the first round of dividends by players who staked their RED tokens on platform

Equity Swap Reward Pool

Swap Ratio: 1 EOS = 1–6 Super Hongbao

Swap Ratio

More explanations about the Equity Swap Reward Pool:
1. 20% EOS of equity swap will go into equity swap reward pool
2. EOS of reward pool will be distributed to last round participants in proportion after equity swap finished
3. EOS of reward pool adds up in real time without ceiling

The Equity Swap opens in 3 hours, don’t miss it out! 21:00(UTC+8) Today!

If you are still unclear about the Equity Swap and its rule, please join in Telegram group t.me/HongbaoOne and discuss together.

Telegram: https://t.me/hongbaoone
WeChat ID: sunnyday090313
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hongbaoone

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