FABG is having a presale!

2018/11/29/ 11:14

FABG is having a presale!

This new blockchain games platform is showing off masks, hats, ERC20 packs and even some ERC721s

If you’re trying to earn some tokens – a.k.a. money – look no further. Freaking Awesome Blockchain Games (FABG for short), a decentralized blockchain games platform that runs on Ethereum is the solution you’ve been looking for.

So, what is FABG exactly? Apparently, the most fun Blockchain games platform in the world, where you get to explore many different off-chain multiplayer games – made with Unity for web and mobile – all in one blockchain ecosystem.

You can play Battle Royale with real players and trade and sell stuff until you lose all your shit, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen. And for all of you universal token lovers, Gameunculus has news: every particular unique item you own carries onto every game in the FABG ecosystem.

They currently have a presale running and a demo for Android – which you can also play online – for their game “Bitcoin-Bank-Robbery”. Don’t be shy, give your feedback to the creative team

As always, you wanna know: how can you make money here? Every ERC721’s resell will raise the token’s price automatically, and you’ll definitely get a cut. So it has that CryptoCountries vibe going on. See? A happy Ponzi ending after all.

In addition to that, the presale is having some cray-cray discounts of up to 90%!! For a limited time only, so get your potato ass out of the couch and go get some land. Well, actually you don’t even have to move at all! 

Article Source: gameunculus
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