CryptoServal gameplay introduction

2018/11/29/ 14:31

Today we are going to take a look at how is the actually going to be played. 

First of all — once the presale is over, the wild animals will not generate any new DNA cards. That means: In order to get an animal, you will need to buy it in the marketplace from another player.

If you have some DNA cards which you received from a presale auction, giveaway, or airdrop, you are in luck! You will be able to enter the game right away.

Once you grab a few animals from the marketplace or breed them from DNA, you can build a team and start to attack the bosses!

In order to attack a boss, enough animals will need to be in its proximity. A common boss can only be attacked by three animals. Four animals are required to attack an uncommon boss and five animals for a rare one.

You can move with your animals any time you want, but travelling across large distances takes time! Each boss is active only for a period of time, so be sure your animals can reach it in time.

Only animals which are in proximity of the boss can form a team.

Every animal is able to activate one of two actions: Attack or Skill

Which actions will be activated depends on the position in the team. Every animal on odd position attacks. Remaining animals use their skill:

- Common boss slots: Attack / Skill / Attack
- Uncommon boss slots: Attack / Skill / Attack / Skill
- Rare boss slots: Attack / Skill / Attack / Skill / Attack

Each animal on your team does an action, one by one. Then the boss attacks the closest alive animal. This loop continues unless one of the sides is defeated.

If you are able to defeat the boss depends on many factors. The highest factors are team composition, proper positioning, and effectiveness.

Let’s take a look at a card and explain what it means:

Each attack has a chance to hit and damage.

A chance to hit = Accuracy — Evasion, with minimum chance of 10%

Damage = Attack * target’s defense rating (calculated from Defense)

Defense rating = 100 / (100 + Defense * 1.5)

Wolf attacking a boss with Evasion 20% and Defense 20 would have 60% chance to deal ~19 damage.

Let’s try a simplified example:

Four animals are in a proximity of a common boss - 3 wolves and a mouse. Since the boss is common, there are only three slots to fill — two attack slots and one skill slot.

The wolves should clearly fill the two attack slots. Who will fill the remaining skill slot? It depends on the attack power of the boss.

You can either choose mouse which will heal your animals:

Sustain composition: Mouse will activate it’s healing power

Or you can let the wolf decrease the attack power of the boss:

Damage mitigation composition: Wolf will activate damage reduction skill

With up to 528 unique animals, each with the possibility to have accessories, the number of team compositions is limitless.

Next time we are going to take a look at fight rewards and introduce our airdrop and giveaway contracts!

Please note, that this is just an example and the cards data will change. Calculation formulas can be adjusted as well.

Article Source: CryptoServal
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