MLB Crypto Baseball - How to Ensure Your Rewards Are Successfully Claimed

2018/11/28/ 19:43

With the claim deadline approaching, we wanted to write a post to walk users through making sure rewards are completely processed.

Sometimes a reward will show as processing, and it can be difficult to determine whether this reward has been successfully claimed or dropped by the blockchain. 

The easiest way to check on the status of a claim is to click on the “PROCESSING…” button in the reward tile. This will open a popup that shows a link that reads “Reward TX.”

Clicking that link will take you to an Etherscan page that might show a number of things.

If the Etherscan page notes that the TxReceipt Status is PENDING or SUCCESS, then your reward has successfully processed and should appear in your collection shortly!

However, if you’re taken to a page that says “Sorry, We Are Unable To Locate This transaction Hash” then it looks like the reward claim is stuck and we’ll need to reset the transaction on our side.

If this is the case, shoot us an email at [email protected] with your wallet address, the reward date shown on the reward tile, and the Etherscan link that took you to the “Unable to Locate This transaction Hash” page.

If you’re on Discord, feel free to hop into our rewards-support room with the same details and we’ll be able to help you there! Once fixed, we’ll respond with confirmation that your transactions have been reset so you can claim your 2018 rewards!
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