World of Ether Launches on Mainnet November 23rd

2018/11/15/ 20:11

World of Ether Launches on Mainnet November 23rd

The time has come.

World of Ether is launching on the Ethereum Mainnet November 23rd.

You’ll be able to hatch, breed, sire, sell, and use crystals at this time.

The Battle Beta

When World of Ether opens on the 23rd, battles will be in beta (still on Mainnet) and will not give experience.

After this period, battles will then count towards leveling up. When this happens, all Etherians will become available at the appropriate player levels and you can get experience after every ten battles.

Win ETH & Eggs Battling in Beta 

The first player to win 100 battles, or the most wins at the end of battle beta, will be rewarded 4 ETH.

Players who complete at least 20 battles during battle beta will also be eligible for a chance to win an Etherian egg.

Eggs Rise in Price 15% on November 23rd

As its says on the egg presale page, when World of Ether deploys on Mainnet, the price of eggs rises by 15%.

New players will buy Etherians that have been bred or hatched by all of you, our first explorers. Then the new players will be able to breed and sell Etherians of their own.

However, presale eggs are extremely advantageous over normal breeds. The Etherians in presale eggs:

Are more likely to be uncommon, rare, or legendary.

Start with one less breeding cooldown.

Come with 1 random crystal.

Currently there are 2,145 presale eggs sold.

November 23rd

Save the date, it’s happening.

Share the news with everybody you know, especially friends who own some eggs.

Join the discussions in Discord, Telegram, or Twitter, review how the game works, and stay tuned for more announcements to come.

Mainnet Etherian Discovery Rewards coming soon.

Article Source: WorldofEther
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