Roll For Good with KARMA on BetDice

2018/11/15/ 12:32

KARMA will now be a betting option for users on BetDice! BetDice is currently the most used DAPP in the entire blockchain space. This gives another fun use case for the KARMA token as well as helps to fund some of the charitable initiatives recently started by the KARMA team.

The Coolest Part

We’re ecstatic to announce that BetDice will be donating 10% of the house edge when betting with KARMA to KARMA’s Charitable Endeavors! On Saturday, November 10th, the KARMA founders sponsored an event for some amazing kids in Medellin. Coloreando Mis Derechos is an organization currently focused on helping about 100 orphan kids whose parents were killed in the war between guerrillas and para militaries here in Colombia. KARMA is working closely with Coloreando Mis Derechos to help provide food for these kids as well as renovating their Community Center. In addition, BetDice will be making an initial donation of 500 EOS to karmacharity. These funds will be used to help feed these amazing kids and towards improving their Community Center.

On December 22nd, we’re aiming to provide an amazing Christmas for these kids and give them the experience that they deserve! If you’d like to donate to help us buy gifts you can donate EOS or any EOS based token to:

EOS Account Name: karmacharity

This is the start of a great relationship! BetDice will continue to help KARMA promote charitable endeavors in the future.

Article Source: KARMA
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