Dragonereum — revolutionizing the cryptogaming monetization model

2018/11/14/ 15:05

Dragonereum — revolutionizing the cryptogaming monetization model

When we decided to develop a game built on the Ethereum blockchain it all seemed more straightforward than it actually was.

One of the biggest questions we faced was the monetization model to be used, as this directly influences the success/failure of a game. Too many games failed because of this one decision, though the games themselves were perfectly crafted and well designed.

Let’s talk today about the fees a blockchain gamer will encounter while playing a regular blockchain game, and how can we change the status quo.

There are two components game enthusiasts must pay in blockchain based games:
Blockchain transaction fees
Game assets costs

While the first component is out of anybody’s control (developers can use another blockchain with lower fees, but this is another topic), the second is completely up to developers.

In the beginning, Dragonereum was supposed to be a cryptocollectible game, and it seemed that charging a fee for eggs and dragons was the right way to create initial value for them. However, after learning from other blockchain games and experienced game developers, the team concluded that the proposed model was not the best option for our dragon enthusiasts.

We then decided to give away Genesis eggs to players for free!

This approach will allow more interested players to enter the game and we believe it is best for our players and long-term success of the project and community behind it.

Nevertheless, players will still have to pay mining fees. Just as in real life economics, the system will establish the cost of a Genesis egg using a concept of supply and demand. At the same time, we are not receiving anything as a result of Genesis, and players will only pay fees to miners.

Therefore Genesis eggs will be free. However, the mental value in a form of mining fees paid for an egg will be present, thus making eggs valuable and desired.

This approach might look like a shift to a free-to-play model, however in the true sense of this model, developers still charge for donations and bumps. But on top of free Genesis eggs, we are also pleased to announce that there will be no commission charged in our marketplace or fees for upgrading or leveling up dragons. Therefore this is not a pure free-to-play model, but something completely new in the gaming world.

We are shifting our monetization model focus, because we truly believe the blockchain will revolutionize the gaming industry and we want our application to be able to benefit from the underlying technology it is build on.

We are always available to answer your questions and comments, so feel free to reach out!

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