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2018/11/13/ 13:50

“There are 2 kind of people: you and everyone else.”

It is undeniable that in the history of humankind, the more the society evolve, the more changes were made to honor the divergent of its individuals. This happened because everybody wants to have their own color. People was born dissimilar in appearance, personality and grew up with unalike skills, talent and passion. Therefore the need to express themselves. And so the changes started with clothing, fashion, products in the smallest details. By default, it is not the differences that we want to go towards but the need to be ourselves instead.

“Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same!”

Oftenly, people who discovered their own potential are those who were themselves. So don’t hold back, isn’t doing the thing you love makes you happier? There is no need to put yourself in a mold that was pre-made, because the greatest and most influenced people has always been those who express their true self in their work and life.

Even in game, players call for a more fulfilling experience to express themselves.

There are many ways to express yourself and most of us has been doing it already! Whether you are on social media or in real life, you are attracted when people see your authentic self. Understanding this, game developers has made a long way since day 1 to make their games more personal. However, there are still drawbacks.

There always is a written path. In most games, players need to follow the characters that was created by developers. Sure, there has been games that allows you to make modification on the character, but the options are still limited because there can’t be a database that includes everybody’s choice.

Let’s say you decided to play the game anyway, as you found the provided materials are quite enough to work with, your creation is not your own. You built a nice character and have been pleasing with it for a while and suddenly the game is closed or withdraw, where will your character be going?

Cubego — a new blockchain game born to fulfill the need to express individuality in every one of us

First thing, in Cubego, everything is up to you. It does not give you a character on hand, ready to be used, but instead you are given the materials to shape your own figure. Just pick cubes called “cubego” then create every character you want. This is a place to turn your imagination into reality with exclusive-look-and-ability 3D characters. Moveover, you are the one who orients your characters skills, hence retain your individuality while building your creation.

Second, there is no boundary to the kind of character that you want. Often in games that were released, you can choose to have a human, or an animal, or machines but Cubego is a game changer. Your choice can be anything even when you can’t name its kind. Only your imagination is the limit. Interesting thing, you can always dismantle a character back into cubes and make a new shape out of them. You will never go bored with how much you can create here.

Third, you are unique and that makes your character unique too. There is no two characters that look the same, either in shape or color or both. Characters created even come with a copyright owned by player and protected by Cubego smart contracts. This copyright ownership is assigned to only the original model, granting the owner of that model to create color-variant copies of the same shape. No one, even the game developers and distributors, can interfere with this right.

Of all the above mentioned, it is clear that Cubego is made for you to enhance your individuality. Every creation demonstrates the way you are and the things you like only.

Cubego is not a normal game that you used to know. It may open a whole new genre of game in the future so let’s hesitate no more and give it a try, let your imagination guide you the way and make the best out of it!
Now you can head to website to sign up to claim 300 Free Cubegoes and start crafting your custom characters!

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