Auctionity - How do I sell my crypto asset at auction?

2018/11/11/ 17:38

How do I sell my asset at auction?

Learn how to set up an auction on Auctionity

Step by step tutorial to create an auction and sell your Non-Fungible Token
Following our latest story “The beginner’s guide to buy assets at auctions on Auctionity”, here’s our quick starter guide on how to sell your Non-Fungible Token at auctions on Auctionity. You will also find below our video tutorial at the end of this article.
Let’s put your first NFT up for bids on Auctionity! 👍
Login with your wallet
Go to and then to your dashboard in the menu in top right-hand corner of your screen:

You will be presented with 3 choices of wallets:
Metamask. Make sure it is installed on your browser and that you are logged in. For detailed instructions on Metamask, please watch the video tutorial
Trezor or Ledger. Two hardware wallets. Same here, make sure they are plugged in and unlocked before logging in to Auctionity.

Login through Trezor, Ledger or Metamask

If you have several addresses on your wallet, choose the one you wish to use on Auctionity, i.e. the one where the NFT you wish to sell is located. You will be asked to confirm this action on Metamask or your hardware wallet.
Deposit your NFT
You are now logged in to the Auctionity saleroom with your wallet address. You will get a ‘welcome on board’ message, click on start.
Pick the type of ERC721 you want to sell, Cryptokitties or Etheremon. Click next

Select the kind of asset you want to sell at auction
In the next step, you have to fill in your Kitties number, which you can find on the cryptokitty website. click ‘sell it’, choose how much gas you want to put in for your kitty to be transferred onto the Auctionity smart contract, then sign the transfer with Metamask.
Wait for the transaction to go through on the Ethereum blockchain. You have to switch to the Auctionity private network before you can configure your auction. For Metamask, go to Custom RPC and add the following address:
Then, click save.
You can now edit the parameters for your auction, including the step value (increment for the next bid) and the amount of the community reward (not mandatory).
The Community Reward is the percentage of the final sell price you are willing to give the community so that it will help you promote your auction and sell your asset, by sharing links to your auction or animating it. Keep in mind that the community will be more inclined to help you if the reward is higher 😉.

Enter a title and a description for your auction, sign the transaction with Metamask and you’re good to go. Your kitty is now up for bids! ✋

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