Scalability problem and Bitcore BTX

2018/11/07/ 11:25

Scalability problem and Bitcore BTX

Transactions Per Second (TPS) is a commonly used term in cryptocurrency. It is defined as the number of transactions completed per second by an information system. It’s used to determine how fast a platform or network is in executing transactions. This is a problem that needs to be resolved if cryptocurrencies wish to ever fully replace traditional payment systems. It needs to be faster in order to compete with the well-oiled machine that has been employed for decades. 

Cryptocurrency uses a "push" method of paying, similar to making an EFT with your bank. On the other hand, Credit cards use a “pull” method – your private details are shared with the recipient and they request the funds from your account. Moreover, the system architectures are different. Crypto payments happen peer-to-peer and transaction authentication is decentralised. Credit card payments are centralised – if the issuing bank, receiving bank, or any other intermediaries have a point of failure, the transaction fails.

Thus, I think it’s difficult to compare centralised entities such as Visa with decentralised ones such as cryptocurrency, as there are significant differences between cryptocurrencies and credit card payments. This two are from total different platform and it's motive and systems are also separate so that is why I don't think it is appropriate to compare them. However if you want to compare them, see below. 

• In 2016 that Visa processes an average of 150 million transactions each day, or around 1,667 transactions per second on average. Visa states it can handle 24,000 tps.
• Bitcore BTX can handle up to 550 tps with Segwit (250 tps average value; 50 tps on worst case).
• PayPal can handle around 193 transactions per second.
• Bitcoin Cash can handle 61 tps.
• Litecoin can handle 56 tps with Segwit.
• DASH can handle 28 tps.
• Ethereum can handle 25 tps.
• Bitcoin can handle 11 tps with Segwit.

The transaction speed that Bitcore provides is much faster than Bitcoin and major altcoins. More surprisingly, the transaction speed offered by Bitcore is even faster than Paypal. In addition to this, the block times on the bitcore network are also quartered as compared to bitcoin. This leads to faster confirmation of transactions on the network.

TPS Comparison of Bitcore against some other cryptocurrencies

Even so, many developments are going on to solve the scalability issues for the Cryptocurrencies. Bitcore BTX seems to almost have solved this scalability problem. Bitcore is currently targeting the financial sector, with most trying to increase the speed of transactions while making its costs cheaper. Bitcore aims to be the #1 solution for direct payments. Bitcore has one of the lowest transaction fees on the market while possibly providing one of the best on-chain scaling solutions in the entire crypto-sphere.

The one thing that cryptos with higher transactions per second have is their block size. A bigger block size means increased capacity to process transactions, faster transactions speeds, and easier scalability. Bitcore has choosed to increase the block size to 10 MB.

Another is Segregated Witness, which proposes doubling the block size of Bitcore from 10MB to 20MB. On the Bitcore blockchain, SegWit (Segregated Witness) was activated in April, 2017, with block #3,000 – 4.5 months earlier than on the Bitcoin blockchain, making it fully compatible to the Lightning Network. With activated SegWit, Bitcoin blockchain can process almost 11 transactions per second while BTX chain can handle 550 transactions per second under optimal conditions (250 tps average value; 50 tps on worst case), even without accounting for the fact that some of the transactions can be routed off-chain via the Lightning Network. Bitcore has proven its capability to handle large numbers of transactions in a short interval of time when approximately 5 million transactions were processed within a few days in November 2, 2017.

Moreover, Bitcore is fully compatible with the Lightning Network and therefore able to support instant payments as well as micropayments. On the Lightning Network, a theoretically unlimited number of offline transactions are supported. 

Given that transaction speed is a factor in the applicability of crypto in real-world business usage, it then follows that Bitcore’s long-term prospects are quite good, as blockchain technology continues to gain a foothold in business. Also with an average fee of $0.0003 USD per kilobyte, Bitcore’s fees are markedly lower than the fees of other major cryptocurrencies. These features enable BTX to become a real everyday payment option.

Comparison chart, Bitcore against other cryptocurrencies

Bitcore have started to be integrated real use case services which fits perfect to its vision as the #1 payment solution. In six European countries (Ukraine, Georgia, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland) 329 merchants accept Bitcore BTX thanks to Paytomat. Bitcore operations are low cost, fast and also extremely safe. All these features attract traders who want to attract more customers by providing an easier way for customers to pay.

Spending Bitcore in Europe is getting easier thanks to Paytomat.

In Australia and Brazil, Bitcore BTX is listed on and You can pay your mobile bill, water, energy, internet, TV, internet purchases and many others or even recharge your mobile phone with Bitcore BTX.

Banks and Financial Institutions that accept Bitcore in Australia

Bill payment center accept Bitcore in Brazil

Bitcore is also accepted as a payment option at Games4Coins where you can purchase Steam product keys, Luckygames and more…

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