BitWin888 Now Offering White Lable Solution!

2018/11/06/ 10:59

Dear BitWinners:

Since the launch of BitWin888, the innovative cryptocurrency settlement approach and the provably fair system have been widely recognised in the industry! In order for more players to enjoy and experience this revolutionary gameplay, BitWin888 has decided to offer its white labelling service! Now you can have your own cryptocurrency casino platform easily like never before!

Start from today, a small batch of white labelling packages will be in the intro testing phrase. For more details please contact our admin at our telegram group at

Main features:
● Free site building and maintenance.
● Domain name and LOGO.
● Customised marketing materials.
● The Support of multi-platforms include PC/tablet/phone.
● Independent data query backend with full technical, operation and maintenance support.
● Based on the needs and desired credit limit, cold and hot wallets can be set up to ensure your account security
● BitWin888’s self-built private and public masternodes (instead of third party wallet) enable fast settlement and ensure the safety of transactions.

Happy BitWinning!

Article Source: BitWin888
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