BlaCat Blockchain Game Platform Affiliate Marketing Plan

2018/11/02/ 16:01

BlaCat Blockchain Game Platform Affiliate Marketing Plan 

1. Cooperation goal:
(1) Finding more cooperation with international blockchain game developers
(2) Promoting and establishing more paid users

2. Affiliate methods:
(1) Types:
1 BlaCat game developer promotion specialist
2 BlaCat user/player promotion specialist
(2) Ways:TOKEN incentive(according to current rate of BCP)

BlaCat game developer promotion specialist
Individual who has resources to connect with game developers can apply for our game developer promotion specialist.
1) Wage:Wage of $300/month, $500/month, or $1,000/month is provided based on the national living standard of the specialist’s region. He/She need to negotiate at least 30 developers each month and persuade at least one developer to upload in platform. (Information uploading such as game introduction and pictures) Incomplete negotiation for three consecutive months will be considered as suspend.
2) Bonus:100 USD/per developer who uploaded game introduction and other info in platform
Individual can receive more $100 USD if the developer uploaded game DEMO and $200 USD if the developer released game in platform.

BlaCat user/player promotion specialist
Individual who has the resources of cryptocurrency, blockchain and game can apply for our user/player promotion specialist.
Reward can be found below:
Reward method:Two-step distributor system
Calculating method:TBC
Recording method:Every specialist will have their own promotion link and the background will automatically send reward to the account if user/player used their link to register platform.
Circle :TBC

International node partner
Our partner can participate in BlaCat international development strategy, attend local activities and receive extra bonus.
Now, BlaCat is divided into three main areas including Europe& North America, Great China and other regions. Europe& North America and other regions are subdivided into multiple national divisions, while Great China can be divided according to geographical divisions. In principle, no more than 2 partners per division.

Application form can be found here.
About BlaCat:
BlaCat provides a blockchain game platform DApp built based on NEO technology and the SDK (Software Development Kit). It enables users to play a blockchain game like a conventional video game but without needing to perform a series of complex operations on things such as a wallet or exchange. For the conventional game developer our platform will allow them to be seamlessly interfaced with blockchain technology.
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