Energi Mine and nextbike UK partner to create cleaner and more sustainable cities through the ETK rewards platform

2018/10/31/ 14:12

The Manchester based energy and blockchain company, Energi Mine, have today announced their latest partnership with the bike sharing company, nextbike UK, who will be using Energi Mine’s cutting edge technology to support cities in creating sustainable and integrated travel alternatives to fuel-based vehicles. Through this collaboration, the two companies will aim to drastically drive down carbon emissions using an exciting blockchain powered rewards platform designed to enhance energy efficiency in people’s daily commutes.

nextbike UK, is part of nextbike GmbH, the world’s most extensive bike sharing provider, operating across 25 countries in four different continents, and to date has over 150 operational schemes. Using an app, users can easily locate and hire nextbikes, use them at an hourly rate, and then return them to any station. This simple and streamlined scheme encourages daily commuters to use bikes rather than fuel-based vehicles, significantly lowering a user’s carbon footprint whilst also incorporating exercise into their daily routine. nextbike UK can therefore be seen as a leading actor within the increasingly popular movement which builds upon the symbiotic relationship between physical exercise and environmentalism.

Energi Mine, on the other hand, is a Manchester based energy management and trading company which uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to decentralise and revolutionise the energy industry. The company is also leading the way in the fight against climate change, and is using the revolutionary blockchain technology to bring about improved energy efficiency amongst people and businesses.

Earlier in the year, Energi Mine launched their very own blockchain powered energy saving reward platform which rewards energy saving behaviour with EnergiTokens (ETK). The platform enables people to get rewarded for energy saving and ‘green’ behaviours, be it in the workplace, switching to low carbon transport or purchasing energy efficient electric appliances from various partners. ETK acts as a tangible digital currency which can be used for an array of different things, ranging from being used to settle energy bills, charging electric vehicles at approved charging stations, or being converted into fiat currency on exchanges. Energi Mine maintain that these financial incentives will encourage more people to change their attitude and behaviour towards energy consumption, motivating them to reduce energy waste, and in turn create a more sustainable planet.

ETK will be implemented as a reward for users of nextbike UK, who after completing a journey, will receive a sum of ETK which they can then spend as they so choose. The potential for mass adoption is quite evident when looking at the strategic placement of both companies.

nextbike UK happens to boast fruitful partnerships with eleven UK universities, including University of Glasgow, University of Cardiff, University of Surrey, and University of Warwick. This will allow nextbike and Energi Mine to target the massive UK student population by motivating them to be more energy efficient and mindful of their consumption. With such a wide reach across different demographics, nextbike UK will push ETK into mass distribution which will have a hugely beneficial impact on the environment.

“The first step in the fight against climate change starts with the promotion of energy efficient behaviours,” said Energi Mine CEO Omar Rahim. “This will allow us to lessen our dependence on the fossil fuels that so greatly harm our environment. We need to drive incentivisation towards carbon neutral methods of transportation, which is why our partnership with nextbike UK is so poignant. Our ETK rewards platform will tap into nextbike’s extensive user base, opening up opportunities for mass adoption; particularly within the student population. It is this generation of environmentally conscious individuals who will be in charge of making a significant difference on our planet’s future and can make a real change towards tackling carbon emissions.”

nextbike commercial director, Krysia Solheim, said the partnership was good news for customers.

“By choosing two wheels instead of four, nextbike UK customers are already making a noticeable difference to their carbon footprint and our wider environment. It seems fitting that we’re now able to reward this positive behaviour thanks to the Energi Mine partnership.

“Ultimately, we hope it will help to persuade more people to think about how they move around our towns and cities in the future. We want people to opt for the most environmentally-sustainable method for their journey, and often that can be on a nextbike.”

This partnership announcement comes as a breath of fresh air amidst the latest IPCC report, which has warned of irreversible consequences for the planet if people and governments fail to act within the next 12 years. In response, the IPCC have called for urgent and unprecedented changes to be made to meet the Paris agreement pledge to keep temperatures between 1.5C and 2C.

Whilst there have been some positive responses following the report (notably Scottish Power’s announcement to become the first ‘Big Six’ energy supplier to become a 100 per cent renewable energy operator), the findings also conclude that a combined effort involving governments, businesses and people is also required.

Energi Mine’s partnerships with 3FEV, eGen Electric Scooters and now nextbike UK, will thus play an important part in the current and future fight against climate change, and has set the bar for other companies to bring innovative new schemes to the table.

Get involved today, help be a part of the change! For more information about EnergiToken and its energy-saving reward scheme or to become a partner, please visit www.energitoken.com, follow on twitter at @EnergiMine or join the Energi Mine Telegram group
About Energi Mine

Energi Mine is a blockchain and artificial intelligence energy solutions company based in Manchester. The company currently manages over $140 million worth of energy on behalf of its customers, looking after approximately 1,100 customer sites across Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands). Energi Mine is disrupting the global energy markets by building a peer-to-peer network to allow anyone generating energy to sell directly to another consumer. It has also created a platform for financially incentivising energy saving behaviour, rewarding individuals with tokens (ETK) with the goal of reducing global energy consumption.

Energi Mine’s advisory board includes Lord Rupert Redesdale who has an extensive history in the energy sector having been the Liberal Democrat spokesman for Energy in the House of Lords.

Energi Mine is being advised in the UK by EY and Gateley plc.

For more information, please visit Energi Mine

About nextbike

nextbike UK Ltd is a daughter company of nextbike GmbH, the world’s most extensive bike-share provider. With over 150 schemes worldwide, including eight in the United Kingdom, no other bike share provider offers as much coverage as nextbike.

Working with public and private organisations to bring high quality, European-made bike-share schemes, nextbike has partnered with firms such as Santander Personal Banking and RBS.

For more information please visit www.nextbike.co.uk

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