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2018/10/30/ 23:39

Crypto In-N-Out’s News Rundown: Forbes Global CEO Conference Discusses Crypto and Blockchain, Berlin is the New Hotspot for Crypto and Blockchain, Columbian President’s Proposal for the Use of Blockchain

1. Forbes Global CEO Conference Discusses Crypto and Blockchain

Forbes Global CEO Conference started today 30th Oct in Bangkok, sees talks from the CEO of Binance on how blockchain companies are changing the nature of the business. The conference is attended by investors, senior executives, tycoons, entrepreneurs and many more. The aim of the conference is for the brightest minds of the world to raise issues and questions faced by the commercial industry and to discuss solutions.

2. Berlin is the New Hotspot for Crypto and Blockchain

For a country or region to lead in an industry, factors such as regulations, human capital and infrastructure are crucial to attract companies, investors and funds. Berlin seems to have grabbed the chance to be the crypto and blockchain centre of the Europe, and since Brexit negotiation still goes nowhere, some tech companies originally considering or located in London could move to Germany to avoid potential business interruptions.

3. Columbian President’s Proposal for the Use of Blockchain

Corruption was the bedrock of the new Columbian president’s election campaign. President Duque said in his campaign ‘I want mobile applications to be a mechanism from which the state can begin to think about how to facilitate citizens’ access to services. I am therefore proposing to use big data and blockchain as tools. Big data in health, agriculture, infrastructure, technology and security. If we want to make the bidding processes in the state more transparent, blockchain has to help’.

4. Auditors Tap into Crypto and Blockchain Industry

Top professional audit firms, KPMG, PWC and EY are hiring blockchain and crypto experts so they can offer auditing services to their clients. Despite well-known concerns that digital asset market is vulnerable to fraud and money laundering, and current trend of stricter regulations on crypto, the big four firms still have put down investments on human resources with the aim to better serve their clients and tap into the new market for auditing.

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