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2018/10/29/ 00:18

Crypto In-N-Out’s News Rundown: Bitcoin Price Steady as Rock in Stock Market Sell-Off, Silicon Valley Talents Leave for Crypto, China Court Rules In Favour of Crypto, Blockchain Summit, Bitcoinmix to Restore Anonymity to Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Steady as Rock in Stock Market Sell-Off

Last week witnessed a large sell off in the stock market causing plummets of shares and disappearance of millions in share value. Capital that performs strong and steady is always what investors would look for during the market down time to keep the value of investments. And guess which one has outperformed its peers? It is Bitcoin, which has increased by 1% since last week.

Silicon Valley Talents Leave for Crypto

Newbtc has reported an increasing number of engineers and developers are leaving Silicon Valley technical companies, such like Facebook, Apple, Google, Netflix and Amazon, to search for new opportunities in the space of Blockchain and crypto.

China Court Rules In Favour of Crypto

China has always seen to take a strict approach towards crypto with its ban of ICOs in late 2017. On 26 Oct it was reported that a Court in Shenzhen, located in south China being the closed city to Hong Kong, rules and confirms that Bitcoin is protected by Chinese law, given its nature as the property and economic value.

Blockchain Summit

World Crypto Con has launched the most expecting event – Blockchain Summit, which is going to be held as an enormous Halloween Crypto Party at Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas. Activities scheduled and announced have attracted many’s attention with 120 speakers from the industry leaders, Poker Tournament, eRacing, Token Tank and more.

Bitcoinmix to Restore Anonymity to Bitcoin

There are a few Blockchain analysis companies, well-funded by regulators, with the mission to unravel the codes behind crypto transactions so the trail of the funds could be easier to trace., a mixing service recently announced that its algorithm is ahead of all tools used by the current Blockchain analysis companies.

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