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2018/10/26/ 14:17

Technology moves at an incredibly fast pace and it is reshaping the world much more quickly than we can imagine.  We know all about this from the invention of telephones, aircrafts, computers, iPhones and iPads but the disruptive and constructive ability of technology can be traced back far early than those. For an ancient example, with the first Model T Ford car being produced in 1908, no horses could be spot on the 5th Avenue in NewYork by 1913. 

The only thing we can do in this era is to keep open minded and to stay informed.  Crypto In-N-Out here presents the major headlines in the crypto community.

Crypto Hardware Wallet

News that have dominated today’s headlines all relate to crypto hardware wallet.  One of the oldest software wallet providers, Blockchain, on this 25th Oct, announced that it has partnered with the hardware wallet maker Ledger and started to take orders for a new handheld device ‘Lockbox’, enabling funds storage and crypto-to-crypto trades.

Lockbox is expected to be shipped out in Nov.


Bitfury’s Potential IPO

Bitfury is the largest non-Chinese company that develops Bitcoin blockchain software and provides infrastructure for Bitcoin mining.  Bloombergy reported that Bitfury is considering a potential Initial Public Offering (IPO), possibly in London, Amsterdam or Hong Kong next year.  Should this IPO goes successful, Bitfury’s value could reach from $3 billion to $5 billion.


Malta Cracks Down Dubious Crypto Trading Platform

Malta’s Financial Services Authority (MFSA) warned of a dubious online crypto trading platform, Primetradingbot, which has falsely claimed to be licensed in the country.


Japan’s New Regulations

Japan’s Financial Service Agency (FSA) has revealed plans for the crypto industry in the country to self-regulate, as recommended by the Japaneses Virtual Currency Exchange Associate (JVCEA).  The JVCEA will now be in charge of developing the guidance for the crypto industry.


Tinder Boss’s Investment in Crypto

At the start of 2018, the Director of Product, Revenue at Tinder announced that he would invest in 10 crypto projects this year.  While we are still in Q4 of 2018, he has already made 12 investments, five of which are projects that have not been unveiled to the public.


Crypto-based Prepaid Debit Card for the US

A London fintech company, Wirex, is bringing its crypto-based prepaid debit card to the US, enabling customers to use their cryptocurrency with a contactless Wirex payment card.

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