TEMCO Are Starting An Air-Drop Event To Thank Their Fans

2018/10/25/ 12:54

TEMCO Air-Drop Event!

To thank everyone for being fans of TEMCO, we are starting an air-drop event!

The airdrop will start October 22nd 2018 (Korean Standard Time)!

Check it out!

We are raffling away $20K plus worth of TEMCO throughout a couple months!!!

Since our KYC started and sales event are coming up soon, take advantage of this offer!

TEMCO tokens will be distributed after the TGE event, but don’t worry, it is coming up very soon!

5 lucky winners will be chosen every week through a live feed on facebook!

We will be doing a raffle on our FACEBOOK LIVE CHANNEL!

So stay tuned and be ready!

It will run approximately for 2 months from October 22 Monday KST, until the tokens are exhausted.


Please join our telegram channel!

Please sign up at temco.io!

Then fill out the KYC registration!

Stay in TEMCO telegram channel until TGE!

Simple and easy!

Then, please fill out your telegram user name, email address, and your ETH wallet address on the google sheet linked below, so we know that you’ve participated and distribute the tokens to you after the TGE event.


Please click on official TEMCO facebook page, here.

The Raffle:

*Please fill out the form only once. 

*We will reset the airdrop every week, so if you didn’t win this time, you have a chance to win in the upcoming week!

*The raffle will happen every monday, first one will be on Oct. 29th Monday at 4PM in Korean Standard time (hopefully those of you on the Europe and America are awake…) on our live facebook feed.

(Note: The tokens will be spread out to 5 winners each week for the next two months → Total of 40 winners, however, this rule is subject to change depending on the company’s discretion)

“TEMCO, Supply Chain Management Powered by RSK”

Telegram: https://t.me/temcolabs

TEMCO is a supply chain platform on RSK blockchain. We connect isolated supply chain systems and offer data services, a business intelligence tool for companies and consumer application for consumers.

Article Source: Temco
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