Hedgie real-time strategy blockchain game

2018/10/25/ 11:43

Hedgie is a real-time strategy blockchain game. Journey with your Hedgie through four unique kingdoms and dig up all sorts of loot to boost your Hedgie’s performance and earn crypto coin!

Hedgies are one-of-a-kind limited edition cryptocollectibles! Hedgies are rare creatures from the mysterious world of Curiopia, on a never-ending mission to uncover artifacts and make crypto coin (Curio).

First, pick your very own Hedgie! You can simply enjoy owning a Hedgie, or choose to play the game to earn crypto coin. No two Hedgies are the same – each is one of 16,777,216 hex colours in existence, and possesses unique characteristics based on four elemental powers and four traits. These powers and traits determine your Hedgie’s performance in the game.

How it Works
1. Buy your Hedgie
Unlike other blockchain games that require cryptocurrency to get started, all you need is a credit card. Essential Hedgies are $10 USD, and Exclusive Hedgies start at $100 USD.

2. Play the game - Early 2019
Explore four unique kingdoms with your Hedgie and dig to earn crypto coin! Find loot along the way that your Hedgie can consume, collect, or trade. There’s lots to be found, and there’s no cost to play! Beta game launching early 2019.

3. Spend coin - Summer 2019
Crypto coin you earn in the game can be spent in the REAL world! Shop at local and online businesses and services that are Hedgie-Approved. Coming Summer 2019!

The Hallow Hedgie Collection: Available Exclusively on OpenSea

Just in time for Halloween, Hedgie is proud to present 24 specially-designed Hallow Hedgies. Inspired by the movie monsters and classic villains, there’s a Hallow Hedgie for everyone.

Discover adorable creatures like Casper The Friendly Ghost and truly terrifying creations like the ominous Grim Reaper and Creepy Clown.

Explore the spooky collection now and choose your favourite!

Hallow Hedgies are now listed on OpenSea

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