qiibee - giving brands the tool to successfully steer their loyalty program

2018/10/24/ 13:15

qiibee - giving brands the tool to successfully steer their loyalty program

While we are busy running our crowd sale, we are pushing hard our business and product development: Right now, our tech cracks are working on an alpha version of the loyalty dashboard for our brands, which is set to be released in November. But today we already want to give you a little taste of how we are making life so much easier for our valued brands!

We make creating tokens a breeze!

Now what exactly is the loyalty dashboard? Basically, it’s a user-friendly application that brings together all the functionalities that are available on our API. Our API in turn gets all the data from the blockchain, which makes the dashboard a really easy way to interactively access our blockchain. It’s specifically targeted at brands that wish to set up their loyalty programs without fully relying on their developers or do not have an in-house tech team.

The mask above shows how easily brands can specify their own loyalty token. It is a simple set-up, where brands have to:

Define the token’s name and symbol,

it’s exchange rate to QBX,

the budget and …

amount of loyalty tokens to be issued.

Indicate their wallet address,

give some information on their brands and …

upload an image for the token logo.

Super straightforward, right?

The image above shows another overview whereby brands can see exactly how many of their tokens have been awarded, their value in CHF, as well as the exchange rate to QBX and CHF. Brands can also check the number of transactions across different time periods and check the details of specific transactions.

In the fully fledged version of our dashboard, brands will be also able to use the dashboard to monitor the performance of their loyalty programs through an exhaustive set of KPIs:

Amount of new end-customer wallets generated per day

Discrimination of transfers (how many redemption vs reward transfers)

History of loyalty tokens issuance

Prediction of best time to issue more supply according to the rewards made in a given period of time

Number of accounts holding a loyalty token

Peak times for rewards

Moreover, the dashboard will also include a block explorer that shows details about qiibee’s blockchain such as block height, block time, difficulty, network hashrate, list of blocks and the list of loyalty tokens.

In short, we provide brands with the tools to super easily create their own loyalty tokens and to effectively manage their programs via continuous assessment of a list of performance indicators. Now, you have a better idea of how we are helping brands bring better loyalty programs to the market — and all of this just to make you as a consumer happy and your loyalty experience that much better. :)

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