Flixy Games and its team of Zynga veterans to Adopt Blockchain Technology for Fantasy Sports Betting Platform

2018/10/23/ 09:37

Flixy Games, a mobile gaming company specializing in publishing and development, has announced plans to utilize blockchain technology for their fantasy sports betting platform. Based in Bangalore, India, the company’s core team is comprised of ex-Zynga veterans with experience building games that have been played by millions of people worldwide.

Flixy Games is working with Enjin to integrate blockchain and Enjin Coin into Score 11, a decentralized mobile fantasy sports platform. With the growing popularity of fantasy sports in India, Score 11 will start with cricket, with plans to diversify the platform’s offerings and add more sports over time. On its own, fantasy cricket is witnessing rapid growth in India, currently boasting 40 million players — a number expected to grow to 100 million by 2020. This popularity is further evidenced by Tencent’s recent $100 million investment into another fantasy platform operator in India.

Flixy Games aims to bring increased transparency and trust to their daily fantasy sports platform by integrating with blockchain as proof of fairness and integrity and utilizing a tokenized point system. The company also plans to build an achievement and levelling system that utilizes blockchain assets to provide more tangible rewards to players.

"We are very excited to partner with Enjin to build a new kind of decentralized fantasy sports experience, with the objective of providing fair gameplay to our players. We plan to tokenize the game's point system and place all the information on the blockchain to provide transparency in scoring.” Said Felix Manojh, CEO of Flixy Games

On the Score 11 platform, players will be able to deposit Fiat and Enjin Coin (ENJ) to use as entry fee for various contests and can withdraw their winnings via ENJ. Players will also be able to purchase sports collectibles and trade them with other players.

This mutually beneficial partnership with Enjin will lead to increased adoption of Enjin Coin while providing Score 11 players with reduced transaction fees when receiving winnings into their cryptocurrency wallet.

Article Source: cryptoandgamers
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