Dragonereum: digital scarcity game with blockchain and dragons

2018/10/20/ 13:31

Dragonereum: digital scarcity game with blockchain and dragons


Dragonereum is the ultimate cross between complex gameplay and decentralized technology. The goal is to breed dragons, destroy your enemies in pitched battles, trade with other players, and train the biggest, baddest killing machines around.

Cryptocollectible blockchain dragons – the game starts when players acquire a dragon egg, which is a ERC721 token. After you dragon is hatched, the game starts.

Each dragon consists of 10 parts. For gen0 dragons, each part is defined by our random number generator, and picked out from the available gen0 dragon parts.

During launch, Dragonereum offers 35 body parts variations. This gives us 2 758 547 353 515 625 unique dragons!

Variations for inbreed and mystery genes for body parts will bring to users 97 656 250 000 000 000 dragons, just during launch! This is 12 800 000 for each person on the Earth!

Decentralized breeding algorithm – all future dragons will be created from gen0 dragons. The breeding algorithm is a smart contract; verifiable by anyone and results are immutable. Rest assured no one can alter the outcome of your breeding.

Dragonereum limited the dragon population growth by allowing only one breeding per level, with the option to breed or update your dragon skills.

Best blockchain genetics in the world – the breeding algorithm features a genetic penalty for breeding relatives and “positive mutations” releases mystery genes. 

Skills and Level Ups – each dragon has 5 basic skills determining its abilities. During fights and for every fight a dragon wins, its rewarded with Experience Points (XP). After reaching the XP threshold, it automatically earns Action Points (AP) which can be spend on breeding or updating body parts for extra skills boost.

Blockchain battles – in Dragonereum, battling is the only way a dragon can earn XP, level ups, update skills or breed. Fights are also computed and stored on the blockchain.

In-game currency – Gold is ERC20 token, the in-game currency, is used to buy egg hatchings and extra skills. Players earn it by fighting other dragons.

October updates:

Dragonereum beta testing is underway

They launched a new version of their website, making it more animated and colourful. Check it out!

Updated whitepaper with detailed description of the project; including app specifications, game mechanics and economy.

Free Telegram sticker pack - A funny pack, all designed and drawn by Dragonereum lead artist, and featuring a Thunder of dragons! Get it here.

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