CryptoWars — A Strategy Game that Lets you Build a Village, Summon an Army, and Fight Enemies on the Blockchain

2018/10/20/ 14:52

What is CryptoWars and How Do I Play It? 🤔

In essence, CryptoWars is a strategy game that lets you:

Build and customize your own village

Form alliances

Summon an army

Go to war with enemies and take control of realms

…and this is will be ALL done on a blockchain.

If it helps — you can think of yourself as a nerd version of Genghis Khan 😉

But… before you summon armies or fight enemies — you’ll have to build your civilization from scratch.

As a new player, you’ll start the game with a Village and a single building called The City Center.

As a new player, you’ll be responsible for building your own civilization starting from an empty village.

When you start building out your village — development will require three resources:

1. Gold
2. Crystal
3. Quantum Dust
…and you can obtain those resources by mining, trading, or raiding.

Since you start out with a Village and The City Center, you’ll be responsible for developing your civilization, building mines, barracks, etc.

…and the fun part is: You’ll have the opportunity to UPGRADE everything you build to achieve your goals (like conquering other realms) faster and more effectively.

You’ll earn points based on each unit of currency you spend in construction, building an army, research, or defense.

Users will be ranked based on points.

CryptoWars UI/UX & Sample Screens (beta)

Going to War

In CryptoWars — you won’t have constant, guaranteed control over your warriors.

In other words, CryptoWars is not a “standard” strategy game.

…and since each village has its own portal, you cannot control which enemy (or army) will show up in your village.

Conversely, when you send your warriors to a new realm using the village’s portal — you’ll have no control over what will happen to your warriors.

If you are thinking WTF — yes, this all sounds counterintuitive, but stay with me 🙂

In CryptoWars — conflicts (i.e. WARS) are resolved by a complex algorithm based on many factors, including comparing both players’ attack and defense points.

A player generally launches an attack to raid a village and steal resources.

Sometimes a player might attack to destroy an enemy’s defense and collect precious resources (like gold, crystal, or quantum dust) from the debris that results from a battle.

Forming Alliances

In CryptoWars — alliances are a major element in the game.

Other than the fact that forming alliances (like… with your friends) is SUPER FUN, alliances also allow you to monetize the gaming experience.

Alliance creators can charge a fee, since they are creating and managing the alliance.

For example, in order to build a powerful alliance of the realms, you’ll have to make decisions, declare war against other alliances, and promote your own alliance to increase the number of warriors and resources (like gold, crystal, or quantum dust) — which all increase the probability if you becoming the Ultimate Conqueror.

You can finally live out your psychopathic, Genghis Khan-like warlord fantasies from the comfort of your own keyboard.

That’s essentially how CryptoWars work 😉

Just in case you were wondering…

Why Is CryptoWars Using the Loom SDK? 🤔

Loom Network solves many of the pain points blockchain gaming companies have today.

We are in the STONE AGE for Blockchain Gaming — and Loom Network has just invented FIRE.

— Experimental, Creators of CryptoWars

I get it.

The obvious question is — why build CryptoWars on top of the Loom SDK?

It’s a great question.

Here are some of the most obvious reasons:

 - Frictionless UI/UX: Loom Network enables transactions at lightning speeds and at zero cost to players of CryptoWars.

 - Unparalleled Security: Loom’s Plasma Cash implementation allows CryptoWars to maintain game asset security, so they could focus on building an incredible game instead of worrying about security.

 - Proof of Play: DAppChains are full-featured blockchains that use Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), so all non-critical transactions are stored on the DAppChain without costing players any ETH (i.e. cash money). As an added benefit, players of CryptoWars won’t be required to have a wallet or any ETH in the beginning.

And that’s just a TINY list of the benefits of running a game like CryptoWars on its own dedicated blockchain using the Loom SDK.

Article Source: LoomNetwork
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