DeDev and ioeX Have Built a Strategic Partnership

2018/10/19/ 22:40

Korean corporation DeDev and ioeX have officially built a strategic partnership to assist ioeX in technology development in South Korea. The co-founder/CEO/CTO of DeDev Jones Chung joins the ioeX executive team as our Korea Technology Promotion Representative.

DeDev aims at the development of blockchain technology, at first they focused on the research of the Ethereum-based modeling of financial derivatives and now they focus on the applications of blockchain technology to design products with non-monetary values, moreover, they provide comprehensive consulting services such as blockchain architecture design and loyalty programs, smart contract audit/editing, suggestions on various technical problems like security issues, structural design of distributed economy and market exploitation in Korea for the blockchain industry.

ioeX refers to the Internet of Everything driven by blockchain. Since IoT development has been growing rapidly so as the numbers of internet devices, data storage and transfer encounter great challenges of the overloaded internet and the high transmission cost in conventional centralized network connections. Through the decentralized direct link networking solution, ioeX not only ensures security and personal privacy protection for document transmission but also cut 70% of software upgrade costs for smart device providers through network direct link. It benefits users of ioeX network with “mining” profit and contributes to a virtuous circle of growth of the ecosphere for the industry. Through integrating computing power, storage and network communication functions of smart devices in the wide, distributed network, we expect to build an IoE ecosphere that is also a super cloud computing platform and IoT operating system for the applications in broader technology fields.

The corporate philosophy of DeDev is to focus on the reliable projects which can be applied in real life and generate real values, and ioeX project fits this concept perfectly. Through the collaboration,DeDev will provide ioeX with advisory services and technical support, and assist us in promoting real applications in Korea for broader international market exploitation.

The co-founder/CEO/CTO of DeDev Jones Chung acts as their Korea Technology Promotion Representative. Jones is an expert in optimizing Solidware Algorithms; he was the assistant research in POSTECH PL lab and the principal research of Ethereum-based derivatives models in DeDe NETWORK. Jones gives high recognition to the professional ioeX R&D team, and he will be dedicated to the promotion of ioeX technology so as to accelerate the real applications of ioeX and attract more device providers to join the ecosphere of ioeX.

For more information please visit the official website for more details: and join their Telegram channel below.

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Article Source: ioeX
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