Bank Heist 4D ~ FOMO Game with a twist

2018/10/19/ 10:57

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Bank Heist 4D ~ FOMO Game with a twist

So — you’ve probably all heard of the new trend in FOMO Ethereum games like FOMO3d where the aim of the game is to invest some $ETH with the aim of being the last person to buy-in before a timer runs out… all the time earning a share of sales when new people buy into the game.

Well there is a new player in town: Bank Heist 4D which has taken the best bits of a lot of the other games and evolved them into a new format with a really nice UI too…


The aim of the game is to buy Vault Keys and to be the last person to buy a key when the vault time lock runs down to 0. Sound simple but the clever part is that each time a key is purchased it adds 5 minutes to the clock (Up to a max at 24 hours)!

To prevent an endless game like some other games there is a Hard Timeout set within the game (Of about 30 days)… when this time is reached the price of keys starts to double every hour (They start at a very low cost of 0.001 ETH).

This simple, but clever mechanism will but an end to endless games where no one can be the winner — whilst allowing the prize pot to grow to a good amount too! Very smart!

Idle Income — earning ETH whilst you sleep…

Once you’ve bought your initial keys you instantly start to earn income/returns as the game shares 65% of all key sales with all existing key holders! You will see returns very quickly — as soon as the next person buys in fact, and are able to withdraw those returns instantly too — there is no lock-up period like with many other games. Or you can use your returns to buy more keys to further increase you holding in the game which then gives you an larger proportion of returns!

Wall of Infamy

A very cool twist on the leader board of who is currently leading the game is the BANK HEIST Wall of Infamy — where they show the players holding the most keys in the game against some of the most infamous gangsters of all time — want to be Butch Cassidy or Al Capone? Well now you can — you just need to out-bid the player owning that card!

Referral bonuses.

Yes, it pays out referrals too — if you use your own personal Master Node link you earn an instant referral bonus for everyone you pass on to the site

BankOfEth Profit

This is where the 4D comes in — their are 4 Dimensions of income opportunities so as well as the 3 above you can also invest in their contract and get a share of the main profit from the game!


Play now:

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